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There are no facilities. Hanksville is the closest town for facilities.
This trail is suitable for all OHVs.
Mostly Sandy trails with occasional rocky patches. There are no difficult obstacles, only beautiful scenery.
There is some signage at the Little Egypt trail head and carsonite signs marking the trails.
Closest medical facilities Richfield (111 miles), Price (114 miles), Moab (108 miles). Utah Highway Patrol: Dial 9-1-1. We highly recommend you purchase a Utah Search and Rescue Assistant Card (USARA), learn more: utah.gov/rescue.
NATIONAL PARK SERVICES: General Information: 928.608.6200 Bullfrog Ranger Station: (435) 684.7400 Emergency: (928) 608-6300 Emergency: (800) 582-4351.
Garfield Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue • (435) 676-2678.
Emergencies: Wayne County Sheriff • (435) 836-1308.
This is a fun trail to explore and often looks over the edge of poison spring canyon on the north side, down into the dirty devil river on the far eastern edged and is the route to Leprechaun Canyon if you wish to some rock climbing.
It’s not a long trail and can be navigated by riders of any age or experience level and can be completed in a 2-3 hours easily.

This ride could be combined with other trails in the area to fill a weekend.

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You will find good signing along this trail.  This road is known as ‘ North Turkey Knob Road’.


If you wanted to drop down into Poison Spring Canyon you could tunr Left Here.  Go check out the Poison Spring Canyon trail.  Poison spring Canyon to Big Ridge.

Cedar Point provides quite a view.  In the center of this image, where the small dip appears, is Sunset Pass.  You can ride all the way to SunSet Pass and then South to Near Hite.

Check out the Poison Springs to Big Ridge trail.

Leprechaun Canyon is a favorite of many new canyoneers.  While most people access the canyon from Highway 95, blow the canyon, those who know park here and take a much shorter hike to the top of the canyon. For more information on what it takes to descend into Leprechaun do some reading first.  Its not ‘just a hike’.  
South Turkey Knob road drops back out onto Highway 95.  If you are street legal 95 is a quick route back to the parking area.    
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