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Marysvale has gas, groceries, and great Pizza among the several small seasonal restaurants.
This trail will take you through Monroe, Elsinore and into Richfield. All of these towns have Gas and Groceries.
Anything goes.
This is mostly fast well maintained gravel roads.
Its hard to get lost, there are lots of signs.
Closest medical facilities Sevier Valley Hospital, Richfield: (435) 893-4100
Utah Highway Patrol or other Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1.
Fishlake National Forest Contact: (435) 896-9233.
Sevier County Sheriff: (435) 896-2660.
Piute County Sheriff: (435) 577-2893
We highly recommend you purchase a Utah Search and Rescue Assistant Card (USARA), learn more:
Marysvale is a great place to base your trip to the Paiute Trail as is sits nearly in the center of the trail system and has just enough amenities to keep you comfortable and safe.
However occasionally you might want to catch a movie or make a Walmart stop. For that you can ride your OHV from Marysvale to Richfield via the back roads and its easy and quite fast.
This route will take you to the east side of Marysvale along the Sevier River north, through the mining district and into the town of Monroe. From Monroe you will work your way over to Elsinore and then north into Richfield.
Its easy just follow the signs and the gps track.

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If you can find the Sevier River on the East side of Marysvale you are on Paiute Trail 02 and on the right track.  Follow it northward along the east side of the river and below the big white ‘M’ on the hillside.  There is a new Trailhead, Kiosk, Restrooms and parking area just east of the river crossing if you need a place to park for the day.  It doesn’t show in these photos because it was built recently.

Paiute Trail #02 goes to the right, we are going to follow Paiute Trail #24.  There are signs all along this route.  We are going to the right of the flat top mountain in the distance.  We are headed toward the Town of Monroe, almost directly beyond that flat top mountain.
The area we have been circling the edge of, and all those cuts into the hillside you can see here, are known locally as ‘The Maze’.  There are many many old mines and tons of trails to explore in The Maze.  We are taking the fast track around but it is worth exploring and makes a fun place to ride after dinner or even at night.
If you zoom in on this image you can see the town of Monroe (its a bit blurry at this distance) straight along the dirt road ahead of us.  We are about cross ‘Poverty Flats’ as we head into town.
Monroe has a few designated OHV routes they would prefer you use.  !00 West in one of them.  We are going to make a Left turn here and head North until we get to 400 North.  If you are hungry Bully’s drive-In as at Center and Main Street.  You are welcome to drive your OHV up there and chow down.
When you reach 400 North in Monroe you will see a trail marker telling you to turn left here.  This is the end of Trail #24, we are turning left onto Paiute Trail #70 and heading toward the town of Elsinore.  Watch carefully for trail signs there are several turns ahead.
Hopefully were albe to follow the Trail #70 signs to this point. When you find S. Brooklyn Road, turn right and head into Elsinore.    
As you enter Elsinore we are going to follow Paiute Trail #70 as it turns right (east) on 100 South and then make a Left on 200 East (heading North).  Just watch for the Paiute Trail #70 signs and be careful crossing Main Street.  
As we leave Elsinore 200E ends and becomes ‘Cove View Road’ as we cross the Sevier Valley Canal.  This can be a busy section of road so be careful.  We are headed into Richfield.  
After running parallel to I-70 for a few miles we are going to cross under the Interstate.  IF you blink you may miss the trail signs.  This is where Trail #70 crosses to the other side and follows the Canal into Richfield.  
We are now headed North along the canal and into Richfield.  There are plenty of trail signs to keep you on track.  
You might be tempted to follow that smooth road to the right but stay on the trail and follow the Canal to the Left.    

This underpass will allow you to access Richfield.  Richfield has some designated OHV routes and would prefer you follow them.  The city is very friendly to OHVs, street legal or not.  Just be responsible and careful.

If you want to go to Walmart you would turn right here head East and southward.

If you plan to continue North towards Salina, or East towards Koosharem, or even West towards Fillmore you would want to go to the next exit into Richfield so keep heading North on the west side of the I-70.



Here at 300 North you can again cross under I-70 into Richfield, continuing to follow Trail #70 signs. Turning Left Here would take you on Paiute Trail #04 west towards Fillmore. Welcome to Richfield.    
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