Indian Springs

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The Trail head at Ticaboo can provide most anything you may need. Food, Fuel, lodging.
Al OHVs are suitable for this trail.
Mostly grade roads. Some sand washes and rocky areas. Some canyon trail may be washed out depending on when you arrive.
You should inquire in Ticaboo if there are any limitations or washouts. This trail is suitable for most riders or all abilities.
There is a Kiosk in Ticaboo and carsonite signs along the trail.
Closest medical facilities Richfield (111 miles), Price (114 miles), Moab (108 miles). Utah Highway Patrol: Dial 9-1-1. We highly recommend you purchase a Utah Search and Rescue Assistant Card (USARA), learn more:
NATIONAL PARK SERVICES: General Information: 928.608.6200 Bullfrog Ranger Station: (435) 684.7400 Emergency: (928) 608-6300 Emergency: (800) 582-4351.
Garfield Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue • (435) 676-2678.

This trail begins at the Hotel/Gas Station in Ticaboo. Look for the kiosk with a large map. It is okay to unload in the large parking area even if you are just riding for the day.

You will will hear north/west and drop into Shootering Canyon and pass the old mining district as you work you way up to the base of Mount Hillars.
In Shootering canyon, after you pass the mines, you may find a few challenging patches as the trail follows the bottom of a steep canyon that can at times carry a lot of water changing the trail difficulty.

There is a single gate on this trail, please leave it as you found after you go through. It’s there to control grazing cattle, not keep you out.

The trail traverses the south face of the Mount Hillars giving you some great views toward Lake Powell. These are fairly well maintained dirt roads but can be rough and rocky in spots.

After traversing the south face of Mount Hillars you will return to shootering canyon and back to Ticaboo.

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Caution: you will be crossing the paved road that leads to the residential area in Ticaboo.  Be smart and watch for traffic.  The residents don’t see a lot of OHVs crossing here so they may not be looking for you.  
You will cross a cattle guard here and make a sharp left turn following the fence line.    
There is a trail marker on the left.  You will turn left here to enter Shootering canyon.  
The road splits here, you will want to bear right,  Northward and follow Shootering Canyon.    
Watch for traffic as you make a hard left onto Lost Sprg Road.  
You will pass by some recently halted mining operations.   Please don’t disturb anything here.  
The trail follows the canyon bottom for a while.  This can be mostly sandy with a  few rocky spots that may become more difficult if recent rains have flooded the canyon. If water is running in the canyon bottom you may reconsider continuing as you cannot know if a flash flood is headed your way.
As you exit the canyon bottom the road splits.  Stay to the right.  
To make the Loop from left to right bear left here.  You will be returning to this point from the right side later.  
Hang right(northward) on the Eggnog-Star Springs Rd.  
There is no signpost to mark this left turn off of Eggnog-Star Springs Rd.  The trail doesn’t look well traveled so watch closely.    
Sometimes this wash crossing can be a bit difficult, as is the dugway ahead, after big rains.  
Are spectacular    
Due South, way down there, is Lake Powell. 360 views from here is amazing.    
Soon you find yourself in the scrub oak which can be quite colorful in the fall.  These are near Squaw Spring.    

All you can say is wow..

We caught a little fall color art Copper Spring.    
Two quick rights and we start returning to Shootering Canyon  
Watch for the sign that says Shootering Canyon and hang a left to the south (This is Shootering Rd again).  This will put us back in the same route we used to leave Ticaboo.    
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