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Delta as a base camp has a variety of lodging options: 4 motels, and an RV park. There are 8 different restaurants or food joints (not counting Maverick). Provisions are easy to find as Delta has two grocery stores and both a Dollar General and Family Dollar store. There is a stand alone pharmacy on Main Street. Hardware can be found at the IFA store, and Ace Hardware and a full service lumber yard.
No width limit on this trail.
This is the west desert and this ride is mostly flat. You will be looking at two of the tallest landmarks for miles around, but they are worth exploring. A small amount of paved, but mostly dirt roads and trails. This is the driest part of the state, bring water, even on a cool day!.
Route marker signs on this trail are not all that abundant. This is one of those trails that you will want to download the Gaia map to your phone or GPS device. There are interpretive signs at the different stops that you will make along the way, giving good explanations and interesting facts about what you are seeing.
Millard County Sheriff: Emergency call 911.
Non Emergency:
Fillmore (435) 743-5302
Delta (435) 864-2755
Garrison (435) 855-2162
Millard County Fire: 911
Hospital: Delta Community Hospital (435) 864-5591
The Pahvante Butte Loop Trail is probably easier to ride than it is to spell, but riding this route is like being on a geologist’s field trip. The trail starts out of downtown Delta and works its way west and south. In a normal year this area will be filled with countless shallow water ponds that are all connected. It is a remarkable place to see a wide variety of migratory birds.

This is a fast desert trail. It takes about 4 hours to cover with stops and it covers 83 miles. I am a big Hatari fan (if you have never seen it, I recommend it). I mention this because as you zip across the very flat west desert floor, it reminds me of John Wayne racing across the African desert in search of zoo animals. It is kind of fun to be able to zip down a desert trail at 30 miles per hour.

Across the bottom of the loop there are a couple of fascinating landmarks that are worth a stop. The first is the Great Stone Face. It is just as it sounds, a lone volcanic tower shaped like an angular face. As you work further east and south you will skirt the Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area. In normal years this has a series of small shallow lakes flanked by wetlands that attract a wide variety of migratory birds (nothing like seeing a sandhill crane take off in flight alongside you as you are rolling down the dirt road.

On the back half of the loop is the Trails namesake: the Pahvant Butte. It is the remains of a 16,000 year old volcano that erupted when it was underwater beneath Lake Bonneville. Over the period of only a few weeks, it is believed to form the cone of the volcano that erupted all those millenia ago. The lower part of the cone has fallen in as the shoreline of the ancient lake Bonneville eroded the rock.

Be sure to also stop at the lace curtain. A dripping molten wall of solid rock creating the look of tattered lace curtains. From there it is northbound back to Delta City. What really makes this trail worthy of a day is the solitude. Notice that on the day we mapped this route we did not see one solitary person, other than in our group..

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Parking is available at the city park, one block north of main street.
On the South West edge of town you will need to go through this gate. please close it after you go through.
You will be on the West bank of the Sevier River for a while.
It can feel a little like the moon out here.
Stop and look at the great stone face.
You will find yourself skirting the East edge of the Clearlake Waterfowl Management area.
There are some signs explaining what you are looking at. This is Pahvant Butte, let’s go up on top.
Remnants of a Giant Wind mill that never was on top of the Butte.
Don’t miss the Lace Curtain, a sheer wall of volcanic rock.
This dry lake bed can be unforgiving. Take lots of water with you.
You will be following a drainage canal for some time until you finally get to this crossing near the edge of town.
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