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The city of Delta has all of the facilities you could need. Gas, Groceries, hotels and Air B&B are all available.
This trail is good for all vehicles capable of travel on loose sand.
The trail starts in the city of Delta on pavement and changes to gravel near the IPP power plant. As it approaches the Dunes the trail turns to loose sand. There are several places where navigating the dunes can be tricky as the dunes shift and change often.
There are no signs, get the GPS track.
Delta Community Hospital
126 S White Sage Ave Delta, UT 84624

Dial 911 for Emergencies

Millard County Sheriff (435) 743-5302
569-647 UT-99, Fillmore, UT 84631

Utah Highway Patrol (435) 743-6653

BLM Office in Fillmore (435)743-3123
This is a relatively easy trail. If you would like stay in a Hotel and ride at Little Sahara dunes this is the trail for you. If you are staying at the dunes and just want to roll in to Delta and grab a burger this is your trail.

The majority of this trail is fast gravel road and pavement making the trip to the dunes relatively quick and easy.
Once you get to the dunes you will likely find the exact path on the GPS track to be impassable. The dunes shift constantly so just take you time and work you way through the dunes taking a path your machine is capable of tackling.

When you get to the Power Plant you will find the trail goes between some of their facilities and it may feel like you are on their property but you are not. The road just goes between and then past their facilities.

There is a gate near the point where you cross the railroad crossing. You are good to go through it, just make sure it is closed after passing through. The north side of the gate is cattle range and if the gate is left open the cattle will get hit by the trail.

When you get to the South West corner of the Dunes the trail turns to almost solid sand and the trail may appear impassable. Just work your way around steep or soft sections and generally work you way through.

The GPS track will take you to Sand Mountain and past it to the exit on the East side of the dunes at Hwy 6.


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Parking is available at the city park, one block north of main street.
Make your way to the north West corner of town, then head north.
Go all the way to the IPP plant north of town.
Make sure you close the gate so cattle don’t get killed on the RR tracks.
The wind blows and can obliterate the trail overnight. Just follow the GPS track.
I admit I took a wrong turn here. Stay to the left.
Trails go everywhere in the dunes and I got off track several times. Just look at my gps track. Pick the one that goes through.
Eventually I wound my way around to Sand Mountain.
If you want a camping spot far from the crowds this is it.
There is an exit/entrance tot he dunes on Champlin Road and US 6 on the far East side of the Dunes.
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