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With Blanding as a base camp, there are: 6 motels, a handful of Airbnb stops, 2 RV parks, a campground, 8 dining options, 2 Grocery stores and 4 Gas Stations. Additional amenities can found down the road 26 miles in Bluff.
This trail is open to all types of off road vehicles. Standard clearance vehicles should be able to navigate this trip, but 4WD is strongly recommended due to sand. And stream bed crossings.
Mostly compacted sand, but some desert dirt. This trail follows the bottom of a deep canyon and crosses the stream in the bottom many times so the difficulty of this trail may depend on how severe recent weather has affected water flow.
While there are not many route marker signs there are few options along the route to get very lost. Particularly near the beginning of the trail where it begins to follow the stream bed into arch canyon. Clearly many drivers have been confused in this area and there are a few dead end routes in the immediate area. The route is not well marked, so while there aren’t many options it is best to have a map or download the route to your GPS app. Watch carefully for the hard turn to the west as you cross the stream bed at the east end of arch canyon near the beginning. Don’t worry if you get lost, it will only be for a few minutes and you will quickly find yourself backtracking and finding the trail.
Closest Medical Facilities Blue Mountain Hospital (435) 678-3993
Utah Highway Patrol Dial 9-1-1
Bureau of Land Management: (435) 587-1500
San Juan County Sheriff: (435) 587-2237
Arch Canyon might be the most epic trail in the greater Blanding area. It is 23 miles from the bottom to the top and will consume the better part of a day to traverse. Both ways. There are 4 main sets of ruins in Arch Canyon, the first being the fenced ruins which is up Arch Canyon about 1/3 of the way after you turn off of North Comb Wash Road. The ruins will be to your right. They are quite close to the road so little hiking is required to get a good look at them. The first set has received a fair amount of damage from people on the hunt for souvenirs and wanting to climb around in them. Please just look. Take nothing from the site. The route stops at the convergence of Texas Canyon and the continuation of Arch Canyon. From there, you will have to travel on foot. But it is also there that you will find the arches that the canyon is named for. Foliage at the start of the trip will be mostly sage and an occasional Cottonwood Tree. As you turn off into Arch Canyon proper from the Comb Wash Road the sage will give way to more and more pinion-juniper to eventually be replaced by Ponderosa pines at the mouth of Texas Canyon.

The trail head is 18 miles from Blanding and is a manageable trip in a Street Legal machine. Follow 191 to 95 then 95 west to the trailhead at the Comb Wash Campsite.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 4, 2023

We have ridden this trail several times and will do it again. The views are great. The trail has several water crossings. We did this on ATV’s. This is one of my favorites

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 2, 2023

Having limited mobility, exploring and enjoying this beautiful gem of Utah scenery was possible because this trail has remained open to those like me and others like me who rely on mechanized conveyancy.

The ruins and arch are well worth a visit. Please take time to linger in this corner of our beautiful state.


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