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Vault Toilet at Trailhead only.

Maps: Available in Delta at the Millard County Tourism office 75W Main.
All sizes. No width limits. ATV’s, MC’s, UTV’s, 4x4s on most trails.
Mostly sand, dirt roads and some rocky areas.
Most Trails have adequate signage
The closest medical help is Milford Hospital 23 miles south on HWY 257. Dial 911 for Emergencies.

Millard County Sheriff 911 or (435) 864-2755 or (435) 743-6223

Utah Highway Patrol (435) 743-6653

BLM Office in Fillmore (435)743-3123
The Bridger Jack Mesa trails are located in San Juan County Utah approximately miles South West of Moab, and 55 miles North West of Blanding Utah, with good parking located off Utah Hwy 211. The Trailhead is right at the southern end of Canyonlands NP, make sure you stop at Newspaper Rock along the way (Photo above is Newspaper Rock). There are approximately 33 miles of trails and gravel roads in this trail, and a LOT more in the general area. It will take you all day(s) to explore this system and it is well worth the trip. There are no services so stock up on anything you need before leaving Moab (or Monticello if you are coming from the South) This is a great place to get away and enjoy some solitude while exploring a seldom seen part of Utah. The riding is pleasant and scenic, trails vary from easy to intermediate.

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You will find a number of BLM designated, primitive camping spots near the beginning of the trail. Some have picnic tables. Some just a fire ring. This is a GREAT place to camp and seldom has any campers. Stop at the Kiosk and pay your fee if you plan to stay overnight.
This is a cattle control gate, not a vehicle control gate. While they have installed a 50″ wide bypass to make it easy for ATV’s there is no width restriction on this trail. Feel free to pass through the gate (and any others you encounter), just put it back to the position where you found it. The ranchers will leave it open or close according to their needs.
That Mesa on the right is inside Canyon Lands NP. This trail is truly like being allowed to ride through the middle of Canyonlands, just as spectacular and you will likely have it all to yourself as the ‘tourists’ prefer to pay entrance fees.
As you can see most of the trail is similar to this section. Sometimes a bit rocky but not bad and we made very good time through most of the trip.
There are a few of these sketchy wash out areas making the trail more difficult for wider vehicles. Of course depending on the time of year these could be better or worse. The good news the cattle ranchers that use this road tend to keep it fit for a pickup to traverse so most OHV’s should not have a problem.

Luckily the only exit from the West side of Bridger Jack Mesa is on a Class B maintained County road that makes a quick but scenic trip back to the Trailhead.

Here we are on the graded gravel road. Just follow it to the left and it will take you right back around to the trailhead. If you go right to Beef Basin you could eventually cross West Mountain and drop into either Monticello or Blanding. We’ll save that for another day.

If you would like some variety this is your chance to hop onto the Stevens Canyon trail and ride the east side of the valley for a short way. However, if you take Stevens Canyon back to the south expect a rough ride.
Keep an eye on the cliffs, you might spot a few adventurous rock climbers.
Here you are back at the intersection where the Left turn will take you back around Bridger Jack Mesa again and the Right will take you back to the trailhead.
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